Intestinal Fortitude


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From "tip to tail" your gastrointestinal tract is lined with a mucosal membrane that coats and protects it.  The cells of the intestinal lining are some of the fastest to "self-repair" in our bodies.  However, the chronic inflammation and subsequent ulceration associated with digestive disorders prevents the lining from fully repairing.  Give yourself and your gut lining a hand with some of Nature's best demulcent and protective ingredients.


L-Glutamine: An amino-acid that is the main fuel source for the rebuilding and repair of intestinal cells

N-A-G: A precursor to a critical component of the mucosal layer called glycosaminoglycan

Slippery Elm: Soothes and reduces irritation in the lining of the stomach and intestines

Marshmallow Root: Forms a soothing film over the mucous membrane

DGL Licorice Root: Speeds the repair of the stomach lining, and aids in digestion.

Fenugreek: Forms a protective layer over your intestinal lining


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    I told my doctor!

    I keep telling anyone that will listen about you and your product. EVEN MY DOCTOR, and he has made it part of my records.

    Maila M.
    The Missing Piece

    Ok, I never write reviews, but I do base ALL of my purchases on them, and this product has been so amazing that I felt the need to write one. 5 years ago, we finally weaned my husband off of Prilosec that he'd been using for 10 years. So for these last 5 years I've been researching herbal remedies and changing his diet. Finally we found the combination that worked for him. Gluten and tomato sauces were a big trigger, so we cut those out. We also started dinner 5-6 hours before bed, added magnesium supplements, and collagen protein smoothies after dinner. It was great progress, but he was still experiencing slight acid.There were a few herbal remedies I hadn't tried yet: slippery elm and licorice root. I started looking for supplements, and came across the Glr6 that had both of these herbs AND a few more. We decided to give it a try. It's been about a year, and this was the missing piece. He can actually eat gluten and tomato sauce again without the acid. He believes it's the combination of Glr6, magnesium and collagen that works for him. He does notice a difference when he skips one of the 3. On top of this amazing product, the service is even more phenomenal. Will is so informative and down to earth. Any time I have questions he always emails back so quickly. Love the hand written post cards. Amazing product, awesome company!!!

    Jean Shelley

    Works well, very helpful. Shipping to Australia is very slow (probably not in your control).

    Paul Brown

    Love this product. So many ingredients to support gut health.

    Wynter Taylor
    Great Product!

    I’ve been taking this for a few months (3 pills before bedtime) and I can definitely tell when I don’t take it. Helps to keep things moving. The only inconvenient drawback is how large the capsules are, and the fact that you’re meant to take 4 of them a day. Definitely work your way up slowly over time so your body can adjust!

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