• 4 Capsules Per Serving - 1 Month Supply
  • Made In The USA In A GMP Certified Facility
  • 120 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • 6 Of Nature's Most Protective Compounds Working Together To Repair Your Mucosal Lining And Give Your Body The Building Blocks It Needs To Tighten The Gastrointestinal Junctions 
  • A Natural Means Of Soothing The Irritation And Ulceration Of The Gastrointestinal Tract 
  • Compared To Competitors Our Maximum Strength Formula Includes 2-6X MORE Of The Active Ingredients That Are Scientifically Proven To Help You Feel Better 
  • 4 Capsules Per Serving - 1 Month Supply
  • Made In The USA In A GMP Certified Facility
  • 120 Day Money Back Guarantee


First Signs Of Relief In Eight Years

"The relief he felt….the awe….the instant relief from the cramps and pains from his disease was immediate. Is he cured? No. Is he in remission? No. BUT his relief is immense. He is now absorbing nutrients and able to gain weight. He can eat and leave the house without waiting for his stomach. This is definitely a must for those suffering with hyper active immune disorders."


Life. Changing. 

"I've been taking 2 of these every morning for almost two months and I have had ZERO...I will repeat that ZERO flareups. No pain after eating, no acid reflux, no sleeping issues due to discomfort, no crazy amounts of happy."


Remarkable Product!!!!!! 

"Amazing!!!! it’s absolutely LIFE Changing. I suffer from GERD. And it is especially aggressive and uncomfortable at night! I can barely sleep. I started taking this on a whim. I wasn’t 100 percent sold on it working? Well I was wrong!! It took about a week or so to really kick it in. But for the first time in almost a year, I slept the entire night!!!" 

Customer Reviews

Based on 175 reviews
Gina Anderson
Going to feel brand new( like 26 again)

From everything I heard about the product. Clears blotching, relieves joint pain, among a host of other remedies, I'm willing to step out in faith and give it 5 stars & an extra star to boot. G. Anderson

A MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This absolutely stops the pain of diverticulitis and gastritis (and GERD) . It is truly effective! Saved my life!!!!! I was in so much pain and i'm not anymore..before even eating a bland diet didn't work, but THIS does!!! :)

Better than anything I’ve tried

I have had severe stomach problems for a couple of years, had an ERCP, then several bouts of pancreatitis. My stomach had to then go through another stomach surgery completely changing the ‘route’ of my stomach because I lost so much weight so fast I ended up with SMASYNDROME, my stomach won’t heal, my nausea is constant all of the time and it just hurts bc my stomach is full of ulcers. I’ve been on protonix for a couple years, not helping at all. I’m trying to go more holistic and I saw these and just had to try something else, I’m SO glad I did, it’s still a struggle but I’ve only had it for a few days and have already had more relief than ANYTHING I’ve tried or medication I’ve tried, would highly recommend!

Instant MIRACLE cure!!!!!

This might be a bit graphic, but I share in hopes of helping others. My husband has had severe abdominal cramping, bloating and watery diarrhea 8-10x daily for the past 9 months. He tried every antibiotic, every stool exam, every supplement and probiotic... We happened to stumble across this product on Amazon. Catchy label claiming "gut lining repair". All natural ingredients. I honestly thought it would be a waste of money BUT.... His first pill was taken at bed time. He didn't have a bowel movement during the night and had a soft BM in the morning, versus watery/yellow. He took another pill before bed the next night. This morning, solid BM and NO bloating or cramping. He has been through hell for so long and this was such a simple fix! The name says it all and IT WORKS!!! We couldn't be happier with the results. Far exceeded expectations and would definitely recommend to anyone that needs to soothe/heal their GI tract.

M. Perez
Might be working

So far so good. No more diverticulitis symptoms since I got it. Might be working or coincidence. But until now no heartburn, which it’s a plus. I’m taking it as recommended, started with 1 pill and increased servings slowly.

Your Gut Lining Can Repair Itself, But It Might Need A Little Help

From "tip to tail" your gastrointestinal tract is lined with a mucosal membrane that coats and protects it. The cells of the intestinal lining are some of the fastest to "self-repair" in our bodies. However, the chronic inflammation and subsequent ulceration associated with digestive disorders prevents the lining from fully repairing. Give yourself and your gut lining a hand with some of Nature's best demulcent and protective ingredients.

L-Glutamine: An amino-acid that is the main fuel source for the rebuilding and repair of intestinal cells

N-A-G: A precursor to a critical component of the mucosal layer called glycosaminoglycan

Slippery Elm: Soothes and reduces irritation in the lining of the stomach and intestines

Marshmallow Root: Forms a soothing film over the mucous membrane

DGL Licorice Root: Speeds the repair of the stomach lining, and aids in digestion

Fenugreek: Forms a protective layer over your intestinal lining

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